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Launched the Hidden Literacies Website and Podcast with Chris Hager and Mary Mahoney at Trinity College, November 2022

Organized the Hidden Literacies Colloquium with Chris Hager at Trinity College, April 2019

Delivered the inaugural lecture as Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor of English, Trinity College, April 17, 2018 


Joined the faculty at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut as the Allan K. Smith and Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor of English. Fall 2017

Inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Teachers, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University. April 2015

ASECS Colloquy with the Author on English Letters and Indian Literacies, Los Angeles. March 2015

Guest lecturer at the AAS History of the Book Summer Seminar, June 2013. With Phillip Round.

Delivered the Presidential Address at the  Society of Early Americanists Conference in ​Savannah, Georgia, February 28-March 2, 2013

Organized the  Eighth Biennial Conference of the Society of Early Americanists in ​Savannah, Georgia, February 28-March 2, 2013

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